Creating a Quick Home Sale

Creating a Quick Home Sale

2 Ways To Get A Bounty Of Tomatoes In Your Vegetable Garden

by Lillian Bishop

One of the most important parts of landscaping is caring for your plants and garden properly so that they grow as well as possible. If you are having trouble growing tomatoes, then here are 2 tips to help you improve your crop this coming season.

Watering is Key

First, the way in which you water your tomato plants really matters. Do not waste your money on spray misters that mist the plant leaves and tomatoes because this does not actually feed the plant. If your tomatoes and leaves look dry, then the source of the problem starts with the roots of the plant.

To fix such a problem, you need to water directly at the base of the plant. You can do this with a watering can, or you can more effectively do this with a drip line that will feed the plant for several minutes or hours at a time.

If you notice that your plant is starting to turn yellow at all, lessen the amount of water because this means that your plant is getting too much. As a good rule, try to water your plant during the coolest hours of the day so that the water does not evaporate into the air. This will allow your tomatoes to absorb as much of the water as possible.

Also, turn down the amount of water if you notice that the tomatoes are splitting because too much water will make them burst at the peel. Less water will help them to grow steadily and consistently so that they are round and smooth.

Prune the Plant

Second, pruning is also important to the growth and health of a tomato plant that produces flowers. The flowers indicate that tomatoes are going to grow, so this is a good thing. You just have to be careful not to grow too many flowers because the tomato plant will put too much effort into producing foliage and flowers instead of tomatoes.

To prevent this from happening, clip any flower or leaf suckers that are between branches. A sucker can be clipped or pulled off, and you can also remove some of the excess flowers if the plant is overflowing with them.

As you remove some of the flowers, the plant will be able to put more energy into growing tomatoes. Also, pruning gives your plant a small shock, which can make it think that it may die and needs to push to produce more tomatoes.

By doing these 2 simple things, you can improve your tomato harvest and have a beautiful vegetable garden in your yard. Consider the advice of professionals, such as those from Budget Landscaping, as well, in your decision-making process.


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Creating a Quick Home Sale

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