Creating a Quick Home Sale

Creating a Quick Home Sale

Malfunctioning Water Feature? 2 Things To Check Before Calling It Quits

by Lillian Bishop

If you buy a house with a water feature in the yard, that manmade babbling brook or miniature waterfall could fill the air with sounds of trickling water. Unfortunately, if your fountain or reflecting pond isn't working quite right, you might end up with swarms of mosquitoes or a puddle of stagnant, smelly water where that feature should be. If you are experiencing problems, here are two things to check before calling it quits and transforming that area into an extra flowerbed:

1: The Pump

Although most people assume that water features take up loads of extra water, most rely on simple pumps that recirculate existing water. After the feature is filled, the pump moves water from the bottom part of the feature back up to the top, where the process is repeated. However, problems with the pump might mean a non-functional water feature. Here are a few things to check:

  • Filter: Make sure that the filter on your water feature pump is clear. Sometimes leaves, dirt, or even dead bugs can clog filters, making it impossible for water to pass through. A severely clogged filter might even make the pump work harder than it needs to, which could damage the pump motor.
  • Water Flow: Is water allowed to flow freely around that water pump? If the pump is sitting in a barren part of the tank, or smashed against a rock wall where air pockets can gather, the pump might have an internal air seal. To free the seal and to get the water flowing again, submerge the pump and shake it around. Once all of the air bubbles escape the device, water should start pumping again.

If your water pump doesn't work despite your efforts, it might be time to replace the device. Fortunately, by simply disconnecting a few tubes and unplugging the device, you might be able to install a similar model that will start right up.

2: The Liner

That liner might not seem like a vital element of your water feature, but if it has issues, your feature might not work properly. If liners contain cracks, they can let water escape, which can put extra strain on your pump. Leaky liners can also throw off the chemistry of feature water, which can create cloudy, unsightly fluid. Before you start up your water feature for the summer, check the liner for cracks. If you find problems, replace or repair the liner before you fill it with new water.

By knowing how to troubleshoot your water feature, you might be able to beautify your yard—without spending a lot of extra money. For more information on garden water fountains for sale, click here.


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