Creating a Quick Home Sale

Creating a Quick Home Sale

How to Choose Window Treatments for the Bedroom

by Lillian Bishop

Bare windows make your bedroom décor look unfinished. Yet with so many options for window treatments, it may be difficult to decide which is right for your room. So much depends on personal preference, including how much coverage you want and what colors you wish to showcase. Be deliberate in choosing your window treatments so they complement both your room and your lifestyle.

Start with Coverage

Window treatments in the bedroom are a little unique in that people have preferences about how much coverage they want. If your bedroom is on the first floor, privacy is likely a concern. Plantation blinds might be a good option in this case since they let in light, but the wide louvers keep your room away from curious eyes. South-facing windows get a lot of sunlight, so blackout shades may be the preference for sleeping in.

Determine a Style

Window treatments come in many different styles, from café half-curtains to full drapes. Some popular styles for bedrooms include valances, balloon shades, Roman shades, and curtain panels.  

Valances are decorative curtains that only hang across the top of a window. These pair well with any type of shade. Balloon shades gathers in the center, creating rounded puffs of fabric. These give a sumptuous, even romantic look to your windows. Roman shades give the opposite effect, as they pull up into crisp stacks of fabric. As Better Homes and Gardens points out, Roman shades work well with almost any window style. Curtain panels are a classic and can range from billowy sheaths to heavy lengths of fabric.

Pick a Color Palette

The color palette in your room will mostly drive the color palette of your window treatments. However, they also afford you the option to make a statement. If the rest of your bedroom décor is neutral, bold-colored window panels can be a standout option. For a soothing retreat, colors that are analogous work better. If you're layering window treatments, such as hanging a swag over a panel, it's necessary to consider how the pair works with the room as a whole color-wise.

Finish with the Details

Once you've got the big choices out of the way, it's time to look at the details. Depending on the style of window treatment, curtain rods can play an important role. With curtain panels, you'll want to decide if you need tie-backs. While the accessories you choose to go with your bedroom curtains won't make or break the look, it can take your window treatments from good to great.

Your bedroom is a unique area of your home that probably best showcases your personality. Choose the window treatments that really reflect this character. Consider speaking with a representative from a company specializing in window treatments, like Landis Decorating Inc, for more ideas.


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