Creating a Quick Home Sale

Creating a Quick Home Sale

Making Old Windows Look Brand New

by Lillian Bishop

There are a lot of advantages of installing new windows. New windows are more energy efficient, they can add curb appeal to a home, and they often function better than older windows. There are also a few downsides of installing new windows. The main disadvantage is that installing new windows can be very costly. It can also take time, especially if windows must be custom made. This is a common occurrence in older homes. For homeowners who are not ready to install new windows, there are ways to make old windows look new.

Replace Window Screens

One of the easiest ways to improve the look of a window is to replace or repair the window screens. Window screen repair is fairly easy and can be done as a do it yourself project by most homeowners. Small tears in window screens can be repaired using patch kits that are available at most home improvement stores. Replacing window screens can also make old windows look new. Homeowners should examine the existing window screen frame. If it looks worse for the wear, then replacing the frame in addition to the screen is a good idea. Changing out the window screen type is also a great way to update old windows without spending a lot of money. Options such as clear advantage, solar screens, and fiberglass can update the look of a window. Contact a professional such as Northridge Screen for help with this task.

Window Frame And Sash Repair

Many homeowners look at their old windows and only see years of paint and wear and tear. Often it seems that full window replacement is the only way to go. However, underneath the paint and dirt, many of these windows are salvageable. Sash windows are very common in older homes. They can also be easily repaired. First the old paint and varnish must be removed in order to see the condition of the wood underneath. If the wood is in good shape, new putty, paint, and weatherstripping can be added in order to repair the window frame and sash. 

Increasing Energy Efficiency

One of the main problems with old windows is their lack of energy efficiency. The energy efficiency of old windows can be increased with just a few changes. Adding weather stripping is a great way to increase the energy efficiency of an old window. Old windows also often only have single pane glass. Single pane glass leaks air and is very energy inefficient. One way to combat this is by adding low-e storm windows as interior or exterior attachments to existing windows. Storm windows are less expensive than full window replacement, greatly increase energy efficiency, and can update the look of an old window.

Old windows can be a burden for homeowners. However, instead of full window replacement, there are many things that can be done to improve the look and function of these windows. Improving old windows can be as simple as repairing a window screen or as complicated as adding a storm window.


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