Creating a Quick Home Sale

Creating a Quick Home Sale

Moving Your Garden Shed And Greenhouse: How You Can Help The Movers Do Their Job

by Lillian Bishop

Once you have decided to move to a new home, you may have to make a decision about your garden shed and/or your greenhouse. You could leave either of these outlying structures at the old house for the buyer, but then you would have to reinvest in new kits to build new ones at the new house. You can absolutely move a greenhouse and a garden shed via movers and a moving company, which saves you a lot of time and money in buying and putting together new structures. Before the movers arrive to help you with this endeavor, here is what you can do to make the move, and the transition, as smooth as possible.

Take Measurements of Your Garden Structures

It helps if you know the measurements of your shed and greenhouse, because if they are small enough the movers might be able to move them in just a couple of sections instead of several pieces. If you do not know the measurements, did not keep the owner's manuals, etc., then take measurements in advance and give them to the movers so they can bring the correct size of truck. Then they, and you, waste no time in running the wrong size of truck back to the store and coming back with the correct truck.

Reduce Moving Time by Packing Everything in the Shed and Greenhouse

If you have not done so already, pack up everything in these two structures that you can pack. The movers can then focus on getting the structures up off the ground and onto the truck. If the shed or greenhouse came equipped with a plastic or wood floor, take all of the boxes and equipment out of them so that the movers can attempt to lift the entire structure and move it in one piece. (Small sheds and greenhouses can be moved this way, but they cannot be moved if you still have a ton of heavy boxes and stuff sitting on their floors).

Dealing with Cemented Floors and Structures Built on Top

If you have cement or concrete floors under your garden shed and/or greenhouse, and if you have part of the structures cemented into the floors, you might want to figure out how to release the structures from the floors. For example, you have center posts onto which the walls are mounted, like a fence. If you can easily lift the walls off of the posts or remove the bolts that keep the walls attached to these posts, then your movers can take care of the rest. If the structures are actually set into the base of cement/concrete, then you might need to reconsider your plan to take these buildings with you or hire a concrete contractor to jackhammer the structures loose.

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Creating a Quick Home Sale

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