Creating a Quick Home Sale

Creating a Quick Home Sale

3 Reasons You Should Choose Quartz Countertops

by Lillian Bishop

As a homeowner, it only makes sense that you want everything in your home to be both attractive and usable for many years, especially items that will undergo a lot of use such as the countertops in your kitchen. Quartz countertops have become quite popular in recent years and if you are considering upgrading your kitchen, they are an ideal way to do so. Below are three important benefits that countertops made of quartz provide. 

#1-Quartz Is Less Likely To Be Stained

It is important to note that quartz is made in factories, unlike naturally occurring granite. Because quartz is man-made, it is non-porous. Therefore, you will not need to schedule annual sealings, as you would with granite. The resins that go into the construction of your new countertop will also make it more impervious to scratches. It is easy to clean due primarily to those resins and standard kitchen cleaners are appropriate for quartz countertops.

#2-The Cost Of Quartz Is Less Than Similar Materials

It will be helpful to keep in mind that quartz is definitely not an inexpensive material. Its initial cost means that you may need to see it as an investment. Its strength, usability, and ease of cleaning means that you are unlikely to need to replace it for many years. As previously mentioned, it will not need to be professionally sealed.

Its long-term use can, therefore, offset the initial costs of installing quartz countertops, which requires professional installation and cutting. Fortunately, it is still less expensive to install than marble and granite, even though it is typically more expensive than some other options. It is also important to note that marble and granite also have extra installation costs and so the total price for quartz countertops is still less than the aforementioned materials in most cases.

#3-Quartz Is Exceptionally Strong

If you have ever experienced cheap countertops falling apart or developing cracks, you already know how important quality materials are for high-use areas. Therefore, you might be especially pleased to learn that quartz has been given a seven on the Moh's Scale Of Hardness. which makes it one of the hardest substances on earth. The Moh Scale of Hardness is a scale of mineral hardness that is commonly used to document the strength of many different items.

In conclusion, the quartz used for countertops is easier to clean and stronger than many other materials used in countertops. In addition, it is less expensive than some other premium finishes. If you are ready for new quartz countertops, call a local contractor, such as one from Artisan Granite & Marble, today. 


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