Creating a Quick Home Sale

Creating a Quick Home Sale

How To Beautify The Front Of Your Home

by Lillian Bishop

Doesn't it seem to you like Christmas was over in a flash? All the preparations have now become memories. Fortunately, 2016 is right around the corner and you can turn your attention to new plans and projects. Have you decided that it's time to give more attention to the front of your house? If your goal is to beautify it, here are some ideas that might help you to create something beautiful and unique.

The Facade

Before you even begin your beautifying project, take time to write down everything you want to accomplish. Does the house need a new coat of paint? What about your window shutters? Do they need to be painted or even replaced? If the front of your house needs extra pizzaz, think of painting the front door a bold color. Brick red or turquoise are two good choices.

Add extra drama to the patio with distinctive lighting from a company like Classic Lighting & Accessories Inc. If you want a casual or rustic look, choose wrought iron for a light chandelier and sconces for each side of the door. For a more elegant look, select brass light fixtures. And, if you want something contemporary, metal would be a good choice for your light fixtures. Whichever look you select, match it to the front door hardware. Outdoor lighting will provide a soft glow to your front porch. In addition, it will help you to see who is visiting you. 

The Front Yard

Even though it may be cold now, spring is not that far away. Now would be a great time to plan new landscaping for the front of your house. One beautiful focal point would be to establish a flower bed that includes both a hardscape and real plants. Plant things like flowering bushes, succulents, mosses, ferns, cacti and even showy vegetables.

Enhance the flower bed with large decorative rocks and a central piece of statuary. A two-or-three tiered water fountain would be perfect. Add interest to the area by placing outdoor lighting in strategic places of the area you are decorating. Another good idea is to place a row of lights on both sides of the walkway that leads to your front door. Not only will they make the front of your house prettier, but they add security and safety to your home.

Don't forget to take before-and-after pictures so that you can see how your house used to look before you made changes.


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Creating a Quick Home Sale

One of the things that helped sell my home quickly, at least according to my real estate agent, was the time I spent fixing up the landscaping. I knew about the importance of eye appeal, but who would have thought that something as simple as a storage shed or a backyard veggie garden could make such a big difference in the sale price of a home, and the length of time it takes to sell said home? Well to prove that my landscaping techniques worked, I helped three friends sell their homes using some of my tips and tricks. It seems to have worked, because every one of them were able to fetch their asking price and sell before their goal deadlines. So, I figured I should help others out there who could use a little help in the home selling department… hopefully you'll find inspiration on the pages here.