Creating a Quick Home Sale

Creating a Quick Home Sale

Attach Kid-Friendly Shapes To Plain Drapes

by Lillian Bishop

If your grandchild will be coming to stay with you for a few days and you want to enhance the plain drapes in the guest room where they will be sleeping, consider completing the following project. Felt shapes that look like tic-tac-toe pieces, dinosaurs, or another kid-friendly theme can be attached to plain drapes with self-adhesive hook and loop pieces, adding appeal that the drapes previously lacked.


  • laundry detergent
  • ironing board
  • iron
  • stencils
  • felt (several colors)
  • sewing pins
  • fabric pen
  • scissors
  • hook and loop pieces (self-adhesive)
  • measuring tape

Launder The Drapes And Cut Out Felt Pieces

Remove the drapes from the curtain rods or set of hooks that are attached to them and launder them. Secure the drapes to a clothesline to dry or place them in a clothes dryer that is adjusted to a low setting. Iron each drape to remove wrinkles. Place stencils that depict pictures that your grandchild will enjoy across pieces of felt. Use several, different colors so that the finished pattern stands out against the color of the drapes. Pin the stencils to the felt and trace each one with a fabric pen. Cut out the traced designs.

Secure The Pieces To The Drapes

Hook and loop pieces are sewing notions that are made out of a unique type of fabric that intertwines, securing two pieces together. Cut out equal amounts of each type. Peel off the backing from one of the pieces and attach it to the back of one of the fabric shapes. Secure the matching piece (either hook or loop) to the drapes.

If you are concerned about lining up the felt shapes evenly across the drapes, use a measuring tape to assist you before attaching the hook and loop pieces. Once all of the pieces are secure, attach the felt shapes to the drapes. 

Care For The Pieces

Your grandchild will be pleased to see a colorful theme across the drapes while they are staying at your home. Once your child leaves, carefully remove the shapes from the drapes. Peel off the hook and loop pieces, as well.

Place all of the pieces in a plastic bag that seals and store them in a dry area inside of your home. You can quickly reattach them to the drapes in the future when your grandchild comes to stay with you again. If you would like to change the theme that is depicted across the drapes, however, cut out new felt shapes and attach them to the drapes. 

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Creating a Quick Home Sale

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