Creating a Quick Home Sale

Creating a Quick Home Sale

Your Healthy Landscape: What Your Soil Says About What You Can Plant

by Lillian Bishop

When it comes to making your landscape beautiful and healthy, what matters as much as how you maintain your yard is what you plant in your yard to begin with. Your soil determines exactly what kind of plant life will thrive best in your landscape and comes in many textures and levels of acidity. Learn what your soil says about what you can plant in your yard for the best results in beauty and health.


Your landscaper can quickly tell you how acidic your soil is by using a soil-testing kit. They can also use vinegar to determine the acidity content of your soil. If your soil is very acidic, then you want to plant bushes and shrubs, including holly, dogwood, beech, and magnolias, that love that particular soil. If your acidity level is too high for your shrubbery currently, consider placing a layer of pine mulch in your garden area to help reduce the pH in certain areas of your yard. You can also plant shrubbery in raised containers so you can manage the pH of your plants' soil surroundings more successfully.


On the opposite end of the spectrum is soil that is not high in acidity, or alkaline soil. Climates that are naturally moist tend to have a lot of clay and lime in the ground, and these materials encourage the soil to be alkaline. Luckily there are many types of plants and trees that prefer this type of rich soil and grow well in the dense moisture it provides. If you wish to have soil that has a higher acidity level so you can grow more decorative plants, your landscaper can provide services to add acidity to your soil using peat moss, acidic mulch, and other landscaping tools to achieve a more neutral soil base.


If you live near a water source, such as a canal, river bed, or even small creek, you will notice that your soil has a lot of rock in it and has a difficult time holding moisture. If this is the type of soil you have, you will want to choose trees, shrubbery, and decorative plants that have a strong root structure or prefer dryer temperatures. Sunflowers and oak trees are a few examples of plants that thrive in rocky soil.

A landscaper such as Master Landscape can help you customize your landscape based on the type of soil you have. When you understand the ground you are planting in, you can have a more successful landscaping experience.


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Creating a Quick Home Sale

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