Creating a Quick Home Sale

Creating a Quick Home Sale

3 Reasons Why You May Need to Purchase Custom Picture Frames

by Lillian Bishop

There are several different reasons why you may need to order a custom picture frame, and this article will discuss three excellent reasons. 

You Need a Unique Size 

Perhaps one of the most common reasons why you would need to have a custom picture frame ordered would be if you had a unique-sized object that you needed framed. This could be a picture, a document, a memorable item, such as a baseball and baseball bat, or some other item that has a unique size. When you have your picture frame custom made, you can bring the item that you need framed into the framing store. This will ensure that the frame is the right size and can also help you to see what material is going to look the best when it comes to your picture frame. 

You Want Personalized Writing on the Frame 

If you want your frame to be customized with personalized writing of some sort on the frame, then you will likely need to have it custom ordered. This could be a quote that you absolutely love and that means a lot to you. This would be great if you had a picture of your family and a quote that talked about how wonderful family is. It could also be the names of you and your spouse, as well as the dates that you met, became engaged, and got married. This would be perfect for a wedding picture or any other picture of your and your spouse. The writing can be created by carving it into the frame, using stickers, painting them, and so on. Just make sure you have an idea of what you want the writing to be created out of beforehand so you can make sure this will be possible. 

You Want a Frame Made From a Unique Material

If you are in the market for a frame that is made of something other than metal, plastic, or wood, then you are likely going to need to have it custom made. For example, if you want a picture frame that is made out of tile, you are likely going to need to custom order this frame so that the tile can be professionally cut in the correct size and shape to create a solid picture frame for you. Another unique type of material for the frame is glass. When you have a frame that is made entirely from glass, you are likely encompassing something inside, such as a special sports jersey or a baby outfit. When you have your custom frame made, you can also have the item that you are framing safely secured inside of the frame so that the item is properly placed for your display. 


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Creating a Quick Home Sale

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