Creating a Quick Home Sale

Creating a Quick Home Sale

Three Important Benefits Of Using Activated Charcoal In Your Garden

by Lillian Bishop

Using activated charcoal can provide your garden with a number of extremely important benefits. Yet, novice gardeners may not have the experience to know the various ways that activated charcoal can provide benefits, and this may include three of the more common and important benefits.

Improve Drainage

Drainage issues can be among the more frequent problems that soil can experience. Without sufficient drainage, water may pool around the roots for extended periods of time. While this may seem like it would help the plant, roots need oxygen to survive. As a result, pooling water can cause the roots to die and rot. To enjoy these benefits, you will need to add a small amount of charcoal to the hole that was dug for the plant before the plant is placed into it.

Reduce Acidity Of The Soil

Another way that activated charcoal can help your garden is through reducing the acidity of the soil. When the soil in your garden is too acidic, it can cause chemical burns to the plant. This problem will dramatically stunt the development of many different types of plants, and it may even lead to the plants dying. Fortunately, charcoal is excellent at neutralizing acids, and this will help to shield your plants against the consequences of acidic soil. In addition to filtering water and nutrients to remove excess acids, the charcoal will also have a neutralizing effect on the soil around the plant. If you have discovered that your soil is overly acidic after you have placed your plants in the soil, you may be able to reduce the acidity by regularly sprinkling this charcoal over the soil around your plants. Once you have sprinkled the charcoal on the ground, you should lightly water the area to help the charcoal particles seep into the soil, but you will need to use the lowest setting on your hose or sprinklers to minimize the risk of washing away the charcoal before it can absorb into the soil.

Aid Root Development

Rapid root development can be important for allowing your plants to grow large and healthy. In addition to providing the plant with essential nutrients, the roots also serve to stabilize the plant. Unfortunately, the soil can often be too compact for developing roots, which can impede their progress. When you mix activated charcoal into the soil, you will help to prevent compaction. This will have the result of making the soil looser, which should make it easier for the roots to grow.


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