Creating a Quick Home Sale

Creating a Quick Home Sale

4 Reasons To Invest In Granite Countertop

by Lillian Bishop

Granite countertops have become a popular choice. When you look around, you are likely to see granite countertops in different settings. It is common in residential kitchens, doctor's offices, retailer's stores, and luxurious homes. Granite countertops bring a whole definition of style, making them one of the most sought materials in modern settings.

Why does granite seem to increase in popularity? If you aren't convinced about granite countertop installation in your property, the following are some benefits it offers.

1. Its Uniqueness Is Invaluable

Nature seems to give a unique combination of colors compared to human innovations. Granite exists in a wide variety of colors, all unique in composition. You may come across countertops with similar colors when exploring granite options but varying in patterns, darkness, veining, or brightness. If you are looking for a unique countertop, granite wins the race.

2. Heat and Scratch-Resistant

Naturally, granite stones form during recrystallization that occurs under very high temperatures. This is one of the reasons granite countertops are heat-resistant, offering certain insulation to hot dishes and appliances in the kitchen. They are also likely to remain in shape regardless of exposure to heat in your kitchen.

Granite countertops are also resistant to chips and scratches. Similarly, the strength can be explained by the crystallization of magma during granite formation. Thanks to the strong bonds between granite rock molecules, granite countertops provide high resistance to heat and scratches, making them the perfect option if you are looking for durability.

3. Low Maintenance Requirement

Although granite is relatively stronger compared to other countertop options, it might demand some level of maintenance. Granite countertop installation comes with the sealing requirement as part of its maintenance routine. Luckily, once sealed, the maintenance practices seem to end there. Sealing granite countertops extends their lifespan to help you save on future replacement costs. You may also need to clean them regularly to maintain their sparkle.

4. They Are Relatively Affordable

Granite countertops are also affordable, giving them great points among property owners exploring this option. Granite is mined and extracted naturally, which makes it easier to find and process. This might explain its relatively lower tag price in the market. Besides its affordable initial installation price, its durability gives you value for your money.

If you weigh in the pros of investing in granite countertops, you will have a valid answer to your dilemma. For more information on granite countertops, contact a company like Granite & Marble Depot.


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