Creating a Quick Home Sale

Creating a Quick Home Sale

Have An Ant Problem? Know These Tips To Deal With Them

by Lillian Bishop

Have you spotted ants in your home, and you don't know where they are coming from or how to get rid of them? It will help to know some tips that will help you deal with these household pests.

Use Ant Spray

You can treat surfaces where ants enter your home with a chemical spray that is designed to kill the ants when they enter your home. The chemical spray is made with diatomaceous earth, which will cause the ant's exterior skeleton to deteriorate upon contact with the chemical. They key is to apply this chemical to those places where the ants are coming in. You'll want to spray along the bottoms of doors, windows, and cracks in your foundation. 

Use Indoor And Outdoor Ant Bait 

An easy way to deal with ants is to use a bait trap. These traps contain a poison that the ants will think is food. You place them near the path where you see the ants traveling, typically along the edges of a room, along the bottom of cabinets, or inside cupboards. The ants then take the poison back to their nest where it will kill the other ants. 

There is also outdoor ant bait that you can use to kill the ants before they enter your home. This is a type of granule that you simply sprinkle on the ground around your home near the foundation, and the goal is for the ants to feed off the granules and take the poison back to their nest rather than enter your home. There are also bait stations that you can stick into the ground, where ants will travel inside the bait station to reach the poison. 

Use Both Types Of Ant Bait

One thing many people do not realize about ant bait traps is that there are different types of ant bait. Protein based baits are those solid granules that the ants will carry away, and carbohydrate based baits are those that look like liquid gels. You'll want to use both types of baits so that you can attract ants during both of their feeding cycles where they look for different kinds of food. 

Still struggling with how to get rid of ants in your home? Reach out to a professional in your area that specializes in ant control. They can take additional steps to make sure that those ants will stay out of your home for good.


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