Creating a Quick Home Sale

Creating a Quick Home Sale

Benefits Of A Vehicle Awning Without Poles

by Lillian Bishop

When you look at a selection of three-sided awnings that you can mount to your vehicle, you'll notice all sorts of different designs. While many of these products include poles at the edges of the awning, others do not. The latter style simply mounts to the roof of your vehicle and extends outward without requiring any poles for stability. There are lots of different factors to think about when you shop for an awning, but it's useful to consider whether a product that doesn't have poles might be the right choice for you. Here are three benefits of this design.

Quick Setup

You can generally expect to be able to set up a three-sided vehicle awning that doesn't have poles faster than an awning that has numerous poles. When you're dealing with the latter product, each pole requires some attention. You'll need to adjust it to the desired length, ensure that it's firmly connected to the awning, and find a proper place to set it on the ground. When you're setting up an awning that doesn't have poles, you'll be able to skip each of these steps. The result will be a fast setup time that you appreciate.

No Trip Hazards

When you set up your vehicle awning, you'll spend a lot of time walking around it. For example, you might have the awning up during the entirety of a camping trip so that you can eat under it. One drawback of a design that features poles is that they're relatively easy to trip on. This can especially be a concern when you're navigating the area around the awning after dark. The last thing you want to do is stumble over one of the poles, potentially resulting in a fall and an injury. You'll skip this risk when you have a product that doesn't use any poles.

Roomier Feel

The space beneath a vehicle awning that doesn't have any poles will often feel roomier. When you have an awning with poles, you'll constantly be aware of their presence and they may make the space beneath the awning feel somewhat cramped. For example, you'll need to move your chairs closer to the vehicle so they don't hit the poles, which can result in a cramped feeling. Without poles, you'll have more space to set up your outdoor furniture, which can help the area around your vehicle to feel more spacious. Shop online for a 3-sided vehicle awning.


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