Creating a Quick Home Sale

Creating a Quick Home Sale

Three Uses For Redwood

by Lillian Bishop

When you visit a local lumber supplier, you'll often see commonly used woods such as pressure-treated lumber, pine lumber, and more. These woods can work well for all sorts of diverse projects around your home, but there are other types of wood that may catch your eye. Redwood is a visually appealing type of wood that has a striking red hue. You'll often find this wood at your lumber supplier in many different dimensions. There are lots of good uses for redwood in your home and yard; if you have a project coming up, you may wish to consider using this type of wood for it. Here are three good uses for redwood. 


A lot of people use redwood for their deck because of the deep red color that this wood offers. If you aren't particularly fond of the look of pressure-treated lumber and you're looking for something that offers more visual appeal, redwood can be a good option. If desired, you could use pressure-treated lumber for the deck posts and frame, and then rely on redwood for the deck boards, railings, steps, and other elements that are visible. If you want a pergola over the deck, you can build it out of redwood too.


Another good outdoor project for redwood is a gazebo. While some people buy gazebos from their local home supply store, you might prefer building a custom structure to have the exact size, shape, and appearance that you want. A custom gazebo will undoubtedly be a visual point of interest in your yard, so you'll want it to look its best. You can use redwood for the entirety of the structure, from the frame to the roof to the built-in benches. Choosing redwood as the lumber for this project will give the finished gazebo a high degree of visual appeal.

Ceiling Beams

Some homes have exposed wooden ceiling beams, which can often be a stylish look. Many homeowners install wood on their ceilings to look like structural beams, but the wood isn't actually helping to hold up the house—it's merely adding style. If you like this idea, redwood can be a good lumber choice because of its rich color. Take a sample of redwood home to check how well this type of wood complements your flooring and even your furniture. If you feel it will be a good match, you can buy large pieces to use as ceiling beams.

Contact a local lumber supplier for more information. 


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Creating a Quick Home Sale

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