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What Is The Proper Way To Store Electronics?

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When you store your items in a self-storage unit, you may find that some are trickier than others. While you know how to store plastic storage bins and wooden furniture, electronics require some extra steps. The humidity and moisture in a storage unit can make it hard on your televisions, stereos and computers, so it is important that you follow these tips for storing them properly. Choosing the Right Storage Unit The self-storage unit you choose makes a big difference in the quality of your electronics after it has been stored for a while....

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Types Of Wood Blinds And Rout Options

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If you want to install wood blinds in your home, you have many options to consider, such as the rout holes, and if you want faux wood or traditional wood. Below is some information about these blinds, as well as rout hole options. Traditional Wood Traditional wood blinds or custom shutters are typically made with lightweight woods, such as African Abachi and American Basswood. When choosing them, you should look at the grain detail. They are available in many different finishes, designs, slats with rounded corners, cordless operation, and...

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The Truth About Hard Water

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There’s a good chance you’ve heard of hard water. But did you know there’s also a good chance you live in it too? Whether you realized it or not, hard water can make your life, well, harder in several ways and it may be time to consider investing in a water softener. It’s bad for your pipes Hard water is full of minerals. These minerals leave deposits on your plumbing pipes. Over time, the deposits build up and can cause blockage, corrosion or both, potentially leaving  you with some pretty steep plumbing...

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Bring A Portable Water Heater On Your Camping Trip

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If you are going camping with your family, consider bringing a portable water heater with you. Portable water heaters are convenient, affordable, and versatile. You will feel more at home with a steady supply of hot water that can be used for a variety of reasons. Personal Hygiene Don’t forgo bathing or partake in using public bathrooms that make you uncomfortable. With a portable heater, you can bathe in a private setting. The heater attaches to a clip that comes with your purchase. This clip can be hung off of any hard surface....

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2 Ways To Get A Bounty Of Tomatoes In Your Vegetable Garden

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One of the most important parts of landscaping is caring for your plants and garden properly so that they grow as well as possible. If you are having trouble growing tomatoes, then here are 2 tips to help you improve your crop this coming season. Watering is Key First, the way in which you water your tomato plants really matters. Do not waste your money on spray misters that mist the plant leaves and tomatoes because this does not actually feed the plant. If your tomatoes and leaves look dry, then the source of the problem starts with the...

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